Company Portal – Branding and customization

Its really important to configure branding (be recognisable) and make support information available to your end users so they can contact the right IT staff for questions or support matters when using the Company Portal app, the Intune app for Android, and the Edge app.

This scenario is tested on a Windows 10 1909 device and using Edge (Web) Company portal

Just to clarify – this branding configuration isn’t the Azure company branding regarding the “Sign-in page” as shown below.

NOTE: This sign-in page branding is manged by the Company branding setting under Azure Active directory.

Now lets start trying to setup the branding for the Company portal, that also includes the branding for Intune app for Android, and the Edge app.
  • Click on Branding and Customization under End user experiences:
  • Now type in the information that suits the company under Company Information:

Try to press Preview (next to save) to see the result of the information that was typed in – The new information will appear under Helpdesk (Company portal menu):

NOTE: Now the users can see contact information

  • The next phase is the Company identity branding (This will be the “banner” logo of Company Portal) – Now upload a company logo:

After choosing the logo try using the preview function again to verify the result:

NOTE: At the Display setting drop down box, choose between showing Company Logo and name or just name or logo ONLY. In this scenario we choose both Company logo and name.

  • The last thing we are going to set in the blog post are Brand Image:

NOTE: This logo is what the users see under their profile

  • Click Preview once more (Or just F5 the previous page) and click on the Company Portal menu and hit the users profile:
  • Now it shows the company branding under the users profile:
The conclusion:

It just works smooth and making the portal customization is easy and straight forward.

Now just try to test these settings on a portal app regarding iOS, Android or Windows devices.

Happy deployment

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