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Windows Autopilot: What it is and how it works

This is a really good video that explains what Windows AutoPilot is and how its used. Unpack your Windows 10 device and be the first employed to smell the fresh plastic and first to hit the start buttom of your device. What’s not to love…

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Windows AutoPilot – Add a user column to the device CSV upload process.

Back in mid August Microsoft added a new setting to Intune regarding the CSV file that Windows AutoPilot used to identifying a Windows 10 device belongs to certain company and a automated enrollment can be processed. Windows Autopilot basically lets you customize the out-of-box experience…

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Intune Import Windows 10 Device error – Tenant to Tenant via CSV file.

As I was trying to import a Windows 10 device from one tenant to another tenant via Microsoft Intune “Windows autopilot device enrollment” without resetting the Windows 10 device I got this error: The Windows 10 device was deleted from the old Tenant “Azure AD…

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