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Windows Autopilot: What it is and how it works

This is a really good video that explains what Windows AutoPilot is and how its used. Unpack your Windows 10 device and be the first employed to smell the fresh plastic and first to hit the start buttom of your device. What’s not to love…

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Custom Azure domain name canĀ“t be deleted (moved) because of local AD Users or Groups that remains in AAD from a broken or deleted local AD environment (sync).

Now and then servers, services, apps connectors breaks down and sometimes the easiest way to fix or work around a problem is using a powershell command. In this scenario I have Azure Tenant with a Custom domain name is applied and also have a Hybrid…

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Azure Active directory – Is Login Hours possible? (cloud only)

The answer is “no”. If we talk cloud only there is no option available for enabling login hours as we knew it from the on-prem Active directory. Therefor corporations that have a cloud only wish and needs login hours restriction for their users or a…

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