Day four – Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Whats new and whats going on in the Microsoft Tech world.

These blog post are a ongoing thing the next 1 day. So I will continue to add new blog post content everyday. So stay tuned.

Microsoft Ignite is now slowly getting towards the end – what an amazing event this has been.

The fourth day:

It was time to see something about the Desktop analytics and Delivery Optimization.

Use Desktop Analytics and machine learning to get current and stay current. Desktop Analytics it gonna be a part of the new Microsoft Endpoint manager console.

Desktop Analytics is a cloud-connected service that integrates with System Center Configuration Manager and “now” also are integrate with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Desktop Analytics is pretty awesome tool that and can be used to masseur if your Windows 7 devices are ready for the Windows 10 transformation or even just getting tested if your ready to get current and stay regarding Windows 10. By using Desktop Analytics your can plan and ensure your Windows 10 deployment journey with a certain calm and get a better success rate of the transformation phase.

“With Desktop Analytics, we’re able to automate our pilot plans to ensure all application and hardware scenarios can be tested and validated prior to upgrading to the latest release of Windows 10.”
—Jason Myers, End User Senior Lead, Mars

Delevery Optimization + Microsoft Connected cahce.

“Delivery Optimization is your built-in solution in Windows 10 that is meant to help you reduce that Internet bandwidth consumption by using your own devices on your network as local sources for the download,” explained Narkis Engler, a principal program manager at Microsoft, during the Ignite session.

Use Microsoft “Microsoft Endpoint manager” to unlesh the power of the a Delivery Optimization:

Use Delivery Optimization together with the new Microsoft Connected cache in Azure:

Did you also hear?

Internet explorer is following the Windows 10 life cycle, so it gonna stick around for a while:

Heads up….

Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020 – So keep pushing those Windows 10 out the door.

Stay tuned…

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