Day two – Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Whats new and whats going on in the Microsoft Tech world.

These blog post are a ongoing thing the next 3 days. So I will continue to add new blog post content everyday. So stay tuned.

Lets be honest on a big event like Microsoft Ignite there´s a ton of sessions regarding many different areas within the Microsoft product list and the session are a ongoing thing for 4 to 5 days. Amazing job they all are doing.

The second day:

Tuesday 5th of November: Some of those session I was seeing today was about the new Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Windows Autopilot and some Azure AD.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Autopilot

Some of the new things I found interesting was the new policy sets (Preview). So now its possible to create a hole set of different MDM/MAM policy´s merge them into one big “policy object”. This makes it easy to get a fast and simple overview on which policy that are related to which device and a super flexible way add or remove new apps and policy settings towards a group of mobile devices. One again Microsoft simplifying it and reduce the amount of clicks and places to configure policy for your devices.

See the Announcing Microsoft Endpoint Manager video again here ->

Windows Autopilot makes some cool moves also.

  • User-driven Hybrid Azure AD Join over the internet – VPN is now supported and can be triggered from the user sign in page.

Azure AD – Introducing Microsoft Connected Cache: Microsoft’s cloud-managed cache solution

We all can agree on that delivery Optimization is great thing for everybody in the firm – connected cache is no exception.

Imagine a world where you no longer have to worry about that upcoming huge deployment of Microsoft content that could impact the bandwidth. A world where that spike in traffic is handled seamlessly, without requiring you to closely monitor that deployment and make sure it doesn’t end up with an escalation.

Read more about this feature here ->

Other Azure AD announcements.

  • MFA is now a port of the free Azure Active directory plan
  • Azure Information Protection uses machine learning to classify documents.
  • Azure Active Connects move to the cloud
  • Conditional Access report-only mode

Read more about AAD Identity here ->

Stay tuned…..

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