How to manage Apple devices. Set up the MDM push certificate to begin the party.

Its a modern world we live in today and with many different mobile devices like Iphone, Ipad, Android, tables and Windows devices etc. If companies chooses to go with one specified device or even go for a mixed environment it’s no problem, we got our “Mobile device management” (MDM) solution called Microsoft Intune to handle it. Platforms that are supported is iOS, Android (Google) and Windows 8.1 and 10.

In this scenario I will set up a Apple MDM Push certificate, so we can start mange our iOS devices. The certificate will only be valid for one year (365) days from the day its activated in Intune.


So let’s start setting up the Apple Push Certificate.

  • Mark I agree. Under the first step.
  • In step two click on Download your CSR:
  • Check the file is downloaded:
  • Now click on Create your MDM push certificate (Its a link to a apple site):
  • After landing on the Apple site then sign in with a Apple ID and Password:

Note: If you dont have a apple ID create one read more about creating a new Apple ID here ->

  • After the sign in click Create a Certificate:
  • Upload now the CSR file that was downloaded from Intune previously:
  • Now when the Apple Push Certificate is sucessfully created then click Download an save the certificate file:
  • Back to Intune and type in the Apple ID (Step 4) and in step 5 Browse to your Apple MDM push certificate to upload and then click Upload:
  • Now wait and verify that the Apple Puch Certificate is uploaded and created succesfully:

Note: Remember to set a reminder to renew the certificate before it expires. If the certificate expires no Apple devices can receive new MDM request etc.

Happy deployment.

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