Intune Import Windows 10 Device error – Tenant to Tenant via CSV file.

As I was trying to import a Windows 10 device from one tenant to another tenant via Microsoft Intune “Windows autopilot device enrollment” without resetting the Windows 10 device I got this error:

The Windows 10 device was deleted from the old Tenant “Azure AD devices / All devices” before I was trying to import the device into the new tenant…….

But lets get back to where it all began and take a look on how I tried to get my Windows 10 device into my new tenant.

First things first:

  1. Delete the Windows 10 device from the old tenant “Azure Ad devices and All devices”
  2. Get the Serial number, Windows product ID and Hardware Hash from the Windows 10 device and into a CSV file through Powershell directly from the Windows 10 device.
  3. Go to the new tanant via Azure Portal – Intune – Device Enrollment – Windows Enrollment – Devices.
  4. Click import and select the CSV file that had been genereted from the Windows 10 device at step 2.
  5. Click Import:

Now wait until the Windows 10 device is imported successfully

But NO it was failing with the massage “Device already registered to another tenant”….

How can it still belong to the old tenant when it was deleted from both “Azure AD device and All Devices” although I waited over 24 hours before I tried to import the Windows 10 device into a new tenant, to secure the deleted device was registered as deleted in the (old tenant) cloud … somewhere….. I was missing something….

Later same day I was investigating something else at the store for business in the old tenant and clicked devices… and there it was … that Windows 10 device with the right serial number etc. that one I couldn’t import earlier that day at the new tenant… doh!

I’ll delete it from the business store under devices and now I could import it to the new tanant without any errors:

Lesson learned:

When you want to delete a Windows 10 autopilot enrolled device then to go into Intune – Device Enrollment – Windows Enrollment – Devices and delete the device then make a sync or just delete the device directly from Microsoft Store for besiness before importing the Windows 10 device into a new tenant.

Happy deployment 😉

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