Intune – Uninstalling Microsoft Office Pro Plus from portal.

If there is a need for uninstalling the Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus suite from an enrolled Windows 10 device. This is possible with Microsoft Intune and the use of XML.

My Environment:

  • Windows 10 1909 (20H1) “insider”
  • Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus installed.
  • Oracle Virtual box for hosting the client.
  • Azure AD Group created, that is used to give membership to Windows 10 devices that needs to have Office365 Pro Plus uninstalled. I call it Remove Office 365 Pro Plus suite.

Note: See more information on how to create devices or users groups in Intune here ->


  • Windows 10 PRO or ENT
  • Enrolled device
  • Microsoft Intune
  • License for Intune

Lets start configure and add the device configuration policy.

  • Click on App type and select Windows 10 and also select Enter XML data under Settings format:
  • Click on App Suite Information and enter a Suite Name and Suite Description then hit OK:
  • Now to the Enter XML data field – Click On Learn more and it leads to another Microsoft site:
  • Push Ctrl+F for searching the site – Enter Deployment tool as keyword to find the Office deployment tool section, then click on the link highlighted to read more about Office deployment tool (ODT) (optional):
  • After reading about ODT and XMLs then the easy part comes. Goto to create and export the uninstall XML file that is needed for uninstalling the Office products.
  • Now click Sign In:

Note: Continue without signing in? Its possible to use this shortcut for creating a XML that is used for office365 Pro Plus installation but not uninstall purpose.

  • Under Customization (Standard configurations) and all the way down at the bottom of the page you will find Uninstall all Office products:
  • Select it and click Download:
  • After download Edit the file called “Uninstall All Office Products.xml” and copy all text:
  • Now go back to the Intune portal under Enter XML data field and paste the XML text you just copied from the XML file, then click OK:
  • Just click Add to finish:
  • Its time to assign this configuration policy to a group of devices – Click AssignmentsAdd Group – Select Required:
  • Now click Included Groups and select the group that is created for this purpose and click OK:
  • Click then Save:

Now push a sync from the portal or device directly:

Lets see the result.

  • Before the sync was made:
  • And after the sync:
  • This verification of the Office365 Pro Plus removal directly from the Microsoft Intune portal:

Happy deployment.

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