Micosoft Intune – “Azure AD” rename Windows 10 devices directly from Intune portal.

It should be easy and simple to rename a Windows 10 device, right? Well with Microsoft Intune it is – You can rename a device in seconds directly from the Intune portal with tokens that can be used to add device-specific values to the name – {{serialnumber}} or {{rand:x}}.

An example could be WINDOWS10-{{serialnumber}} and then the output will look like this “WINDOWS10-R8EX5WEL” but in this scenario we use {{rand:x}} token/value for a generic number creation.

My environment:

  • Windows 10 1909 (20H1) Insider
  • Oracle Virtual box for device hosting.


  • Azure AD / Tenant
  • User with admin right to the Tenant for example Global admin or Intune service administrator.
  • Enrolled Windows 10 device.

Supported devices for renaming:

  • Corporate-owned Windows
  • iOS supervised
  • Corporate-owned MacOS 10

Note: This feature doesn’t currently support renaming hybrid Azure AD Windows devices.

See this video to learn how to rename a Windows 10 device in Intune.

Or skip this video and follow the traditional blog post down below.

Login to the Intune Portal -> https://devicemanagement.microsoft.com

  • Click Devices:
  • Click All devices and Browse to the device that needs to be renamed:
  • Click on …More and the click Rename device:
  • Give the Windows 10 device a new name (I use {{rand:x) options for a generic set of number after Windows10-XX) and click Rename:
  • Now a pending restart is showing (Just wait couple of minutes):
  • The Windows 10 device shows a massages that a reboot is on it way:
  • In the meantime under the system view you can see the upcoming new computer name:
  • After a short while Windows will prompt the user a massage that says You`re about to be signed out within 2 minutes. (Restart):
  • Back at the Intune portal and under the specific device it is now possible after a “short while” (5-10 min.) to see the new device name:

Happy deployment.

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