Day one – Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Whats new and whats going on in the Microsoft Tech world.

These blog post are a ongoing thing the next 4 days. So I will continue to add new blog post content everyday. So stay tuned.

Now let me start by saying, WOW what a set of great new announcements this year and features for the device management area. Almost 30.000 people participants in this years Ignite event. Microsoft are holding this event at Orange county convention center Florida (Orlando).

Lets have a look on the vision highlights of the Microsoft Ignites keynotes presenting by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:

The first day:

Monday 4th of November: Here are a few highlights -> :

  • We’re announcing Azure Synapse Analytics, a new service that merges the capabilities of Azure SQL Data Warehouse with new enhancements that will help customers put their data to work much more quickly and securely by pulling together insights from all data sources, data warehouses and big data analytics systems.
  • We’re launching a preview of Azure Arc, which offers Azure services and management to customers on other clouds or infrastructure, including those offered by Amazon and Google.
  • We are sharing a public preview of a new robotic process automation capability in Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) called UI flows, which lets users turn manual tasks into automated workflows by recording and playing back human-driven actions across software that does not support API automation, with point-and-click experience. With this update, Power Automate is a comprehensive, end-to-end automation platform.
  • We’re announcing Project Cortex, the first new Microsoft 365 service since the launch of Microsoft Teams, and a cornerstone of Microsoft’s vision to transform knowledge and learning for customers. This new tool is a cross between a powerful organizer of enterprise content and a digital concierge that brings people the information they need in the context of their workflow.
  • We’re delivering new experiences across Microsoft 365 that put people at the center so they can do their best work. A few of my favorite new experiences that will make my life easier are:
  • Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS Cortana uses natural voice and language recognition to intelligently read new emails aloud and share scheduling changes, making it possible to catch up and act on emails even when your hands are busy with other things.
  • New voice enhance in Stream uses machine learning algorithms to detect and eliminate unwanted background noise in any video with just one click.
  • With the new Teams Chat button in Outlook it’s easy to move back-and-forth email conversations out of email into a Teams chat.

“Lets be very clear” Microsoft boss says:

ConfigMgr and Intune have both played a role, but it hasn’t always been clear what the future holds. So, let me be very clear—this vision includes both ConfigMgr and Intune. Co-management isn’t a bridge; it’s a destination. By Brad Anderson, Corp.Vice President for Microsoft 365.

I really like this one…. Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin center – It will be updated later this month (Nov) and will be a fully combined with Intune ConfigMgr, Co-management, desktop analytics etc. in one simple admin center (portal) to “rule them all” – Microsoft calls it The future of management. See this video presented by Brad Anderson:

Read the hole blog here from Brad Anderson ->

This top 10 announcements are really cool regarding security matters and getting our companies more secure and in compliance.

Microsoft announces new innovations in security, compliance, and identity at Ignite

  1. Azure Sentinel—We’re introducing new connectors in Azure Sentinel to help security analysts collect data from a variety of sources, including Zscaler, Barracuda, and Citrix. In addition, we’re releasing new hunting queries and machine learning-based detections to assist analysts in prioritizing the most important events.
  2. Insider Risk Management in Microsoft 365—We’re announcing a new insider risk management solution in Microsoft 365 to help identify and remediate threats stemming from within an organization. Now in private preview, this new solution leverages the Microsoft Graph along with third-party signals, like HR systems, to identify hidden patterns that traditional methods would likely miss.
  3. Microsoft Authenticator—We’re making Microsoft Authenticator available to customers as part of the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) free plan. Deploying Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) reduces the risk of phishing and other identity-based attacks by 99.9 percent.
  4. New value in Azure AD—Previewing at the end of November, Azure AD Connect cloud provisioning is a new lightweight agent to move identities from disconnected Active Directory (AD) forests to the cloud. Additionally, we’re announcing secure hybrid access partnerships with F5 Networks, Zscaler, Citrix, and Akamai to simplify access to legacy-auth based applications. Lastly, we’re introducing a re-imagined MyApps portal to help make apps more discoverable for end-users.
  5. Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)—We’re extending our endpoint detection and response capability in Microsoft Defender ATP to include MacOS, now in preview. We’re also planning to add support for Linux servers.
  6. Azure Security Center—We’re announcing new capabilities to find misconfigurations and threats for containers and SQL in IaaS while providing rich vulnerability assessment for virtual machines. Azure Security Center also provides integration with security alerts from partners and quick fixes for fast remediation.
  7. Microsoft information protection and governance—The compliance center in Microsoft 365 now provides the ability to view data classifications categorized by sensitive information types or associated with industry regulations. Machine learning also allows you to use your existing data to train classifiers that are unique to your organization, such as customer records, HR data, and contracts.
  8. Microsoft Compliance Score—Now in public preview, Microsoft Compliance Score helps simplify regulatory complexity and reduce risk. It maps your Microsoft 365 configuration settings to common regulations and standards, providing continuous monitoring and recommended actions to improve your compliance posture.  We’re also introducing a new assessment for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  9. Application Guard for Office—Now available in preview, Application Guard for Office provides hardware-level and container-based protection against potentially malicious Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. It utilizes Microsoft Defender ATP to establish whether a document is either malicious or trusted.
  10. Azure Firewall Manager—Now in public preview, customers can manage multiple firewall instances from a single pane of glass with Azure Firewall Manager. We’re also creating support for new firewall deployment topologies.

Tried out the Compliance portal – Simple and great overview and with compliance store and recommendations its really easy to make the devices more secure and in the end your organization – In the video I created a policy “Require Mobile Devices to Lock Upon Inactivity” that should prevent mobile devices (iOS/Ipads) from just laying around with full desktop/dashboard access and potential data access without the owner of the device being present.

Microsoft link:

Stay tuned …

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