Microsoft Intune – Add Company portal to Windows 10 devices and make apps required or available for users.

I really enjoy using the company portal as platform for handling apps, massages etc. that can be delivered to the end users. By using the company portal we can control if the app is required for installation or just available for the user to install in needed.

My environment:

  • Windows 10 1909 (20H1) insider.
  • Oracle Virtual box for hosting the client.
  • Microsoft Intune with Microsoft 365 E5 license.
  • Dynamic group created, that automatic gives membership to Windows 10 devices based on a OS version and OS type.

See more information on how to make membership rules for devices based on security groups here ->


  • Windows 10 version 1607 or higher.
  • Microsoft Store for Business sync lets you access volume-purchased apps with Intune. See more information here about setup ->
  • Microsoft Store for business access for sync of Company portal app to Microsoft Intune.
  • Intune license and access for deployment of company portal to the Windows 10 device.

Lets start adding of the Company portal to Intune.

  • Search for Company Portal at the right corner:
  • Click on the Company portal icon:
  • Click Get the app:
  • The Company portal is now added to the inventory now just click Close:

Note: Now the Company portal will be synced with Intune and will now show up in the Client apps overview.

  • Browse to Client appsApps – and search for Company portal and check that the type is Microsoft Store Business app:
  • Now assign the Company portal to a group of devices as Assignment type required (All devices or users is also a select able option) then click Save:

End user experience.

  • The Company portal is now installed on the Windows 10 device and its accessible.
  • Click start menu (windows icon) and see that Company portal is present:

Now lets try to add some apps to the company portal for the end users.

Note: In this scenario I will add three apps – one required (forced) Speedlink All users. Two available for download and installed Adobe reader Touch (Online) and Office 365 Pro Plus All users.

Remember to use “Store for bussiness” to get a hold on the app and then sync it to Intune for deployment to devices.

First the required app Speedlink.

Browse Client appsApps and then click Network speed test (online):

  • Click now Add group and the select Assignment type Required:
  • Now click the Included Groups field and select Yes to assign this app to all users and then click OK (All devices or specific selected groups can be used):

Lets do available apps Adobe reader and Office 365 Pro Plus.

  • Browse Client appsApps and click on Adobe Reader Touch or Office 365 Pro plus (Could be any another Windows store for business app of choice)
  • Click then Assignments and Add group:
  • Assignment type Available for enrolled devices – Click Yes to make available to all users and then click OK:

So what is the output? lets have a look.

Speedlink is forced on to the devices and installed from the company portal:

Adobe reader and Office 365 Pro Plus is available for installation directly from the company portal:

This video shows how to open the company portal and showing the apps installed. Enjoy.

Happy deployment.

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