Microsoft Intune – Configure Microsoft Edge 77+ settings using administrative templates for Windows 10.

Once again the amazing Intune comes into play. This time I will configure Microsoft Edge 77+ settings using the administrative templates that are available for Windows 10. Administrative template are a feature of Group Policy, a Microsoft technology for centralized management of machines and users in Azure / Active Directory environment.

Microsoft has been testing its next-generation Chromium-based Edge browser since April and we all are waiting for the final stable release. This will be the new standard Windows 10 browser to come.

In this scenario we will deploy Edge 77+ settings created in Intune Device Configuration Profile and then assign the Profile to a Windows 10 1903 device. The setting that will be enforce on the new Edge browser is that it should block access to a specified URL.


  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium 77 + released 18 June 2019. (Its beta now but waiting for a final stable release maybe Q4 2019) Download the browser here ->
  • Windows 10 ENT version 1903 (19H1) for the best experience.
  • Important that latest Windows updates are installed. (Else it would’t apply the policies, thats my experience)
Click play to see how to download and install Chromium-based Edge .
Lets start configure the policy and deploy it.
  • Give the profile a Name, Description, Platform (Windows10) and select Administrative Templates then click Create:
  • Select settings and choose Edge version 77 and later:
  • Define the policies like you want in this scenario we will block access to a site called – so the users cannot access it.
  • Click on Block access to a list of URLs and type in the site URL then click OK:
  • Now assign the profile with the Edge policies to a group of users or all users and click Save:
  • Wait until the device profile with the policies are deployed to the user and the device the user are logged onto.
  • Now when the user tries to open Microsoft Edge 77+ and type in the URL it will be blocked:
  • As you can see the Browser is also managed:

Happy deployment.

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