Microsoft Intune – Office 365 ProPlus App deployment for Windows 10 Devices.

Office 365 ProPlus deployment via Intune feature client apps may not be working with the selection of Semi-Annual update channel and option “Remove other version of Office (MSI) from user devices” the option is simply grayed out.

Semi-Annual update channel is the default channel when installing Office 365 ProPlus out of the box without setting a different choice in the XML file. In Intune the administrator must make a choice from start before the completion of the configuration can be done.

Will a Office 365 ProPlus installation on a Windows 10 device be successfully when the device has a MSI Office product installed as well, normally this is not supported from Microsoft.

This is what normally happens when trying to mix these technologies on the same device.

“Office installed with Click-to-Run and Windows Installer on same computer isn’t supported” I´ll try anyway to see what happens.

The remove (MSI) option is available when going with Semi-Annual (Targeted) update channel etc. Well is this meant to be like that? dependent on what update channel you choose whether you can uninstall old office products or not… lets test… To be continued….

Happy deployment! 🙂


Microsoft has fixed the bug 🙂 Now we can mark yes or no to remove lagacy MSI with Semi-Annual channel selection.

Cheers !

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