Microsoft Intune – Prevent the First Run webpage from opening on Microsoft Edge with custom OMA-URI setting.

Some settings are not available or listed in Intune though Administrative template setting or device configuration polices for selection. In those cases Open Mobile Alliance Uniform Resource Identifier (OMA-URI) comes into play, OMA-URI are designed to add device settings and features that aren’t built in to Intune. But if the environment are configure as Hybrid Azure AD Join setup, this setting can be controlled by on-prem GPO ADMX templates setting “Prevent the First Run webpage from opening on Microsoft Edge”

My Environment:

In this scenario we test a OMA-URI setting on a Azure AD joined Windows 10 device that should prevent the first run webpage (welcome page) from appearing on the first time a user opens Microsoft Edge. The specific OMA-URI setting and general Edge settings can be found here ->


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Intune
  • OMA-URI setting and value
  • Windows 10 version 1703 or later

See this video on how to configure a OMA-URI setting that prevents the first run page on Microsoft Edge to appear and how to assign the custom device configuration profile subsequently to the Windows 10 device/s.

Or you can skip this video and follow the traditional blog post on how to configure and assign this setting to a Windows 10 device.

Lets start the configuration.

  • Give it a Name, Description, Platform and Profile type (Custom):

Note: Profile Type “Custom” is the only way to add OMA-URI settings in Intune.

  • Click on Settings and the click Add:
  • Give it a Name, Description(optional), OMA-URI value, Data Type and Value (1 for enabled 0 for disabled) the hit OK:

Note: You can find the OMA-URI settings and values for Edge here ->

Lets assign the device configuration profile to all devices.

  • On the newly created device configuration profile (custom) Click on Assignments:
  • Choose All Devices (Or limit it to a group of devices, then choose Selected Groups) In this scenario we will make this Edge general for all devices.
  • Check now Device status to see all pending deployments. (After a while the status will change to Installed)

Note: Finally after a few minutes the agent connects to the client. This can take up til 10 min.

Lets see what happens when a user for the first time opens Edge.

Happy deployment.

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