Powershell – Remove built in apps in Windows 10.

We all know those Windows 10 built in applications that not belonging in a reference image for most enterprises, because most of those applications are used by consumers and do not belong in a enterprise image that’s my opinion! and also because “theoretically” install.WIM will decrease in size by removing unused applications, that can’t be a bad thing.

There’s a easy way to remove those applications directly from the install.WIM file before the install.WIM file is used for capturing a customized image. Many uses a Task Sequence for the clean up process regarding the removal of built in applications and this happens after Windows 10 is installed, this can result in leaving some ghost files behind and longer deployment time overall !.

You can download the PowerShell script from TechNet Gallery and also see which commands are used in the link down below:


Happy deployment! 🙂

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