Send Custom notifications to Android devices with Microsoft Intune – Delivered by a custom group of users based on Role based Access control (RBAC).

Let your users stay informed with custom notifications to their Android or IOS devices. Notifications can be a very useful tool for general communication purposes. These notifications messages shows as standard push notifications from the Company Portal app on the users Android or IOS device.

This feature is super cool because it can be used for sending out messages to employees to notify them about a (IT) system brake down or local infrastructure such as buildings, canteen is closed or even the pay check is delayed. Only the imagination sets the limit here. Who knows maybe we also can skip our SMS gateway for broadcast of text massages one day? 😉

Also super users or organization units can be granted rights to creating notifications with Role-based administration control (RBAC) within Microsoft Intune. For non administrators to create a message, users must be a member of an account that is assigned an Intune role that includes the update permission for organization.

So for this purpose we made a custom Intune role based profile with only the permission to send notifications to devices specified only to certain users based on group membership:

Note: Now that we have created a new cusom Intune role and assigned that role to a group of users where my test user also is located. The members of this group can now send out Custom notifications to one or multiple groups.

Read more about RBAC here ->

In this scenario we will show how to send a custom notifications message to a personal enrolled Android device using Mobile device manangement (MDM) Intune and company portal as the provider of this service. Remember to be careful in general sending sensitive information out from this channel.

Read more about the Android company portal here ->

Global administrators and Intune Service administrator (Intune admin) can by default sendt custom notifications.


  • The device must be MDM enrolled (I use Intune)
  • Devices must have the Company Portal app installed before users can receive custom notifications.
  • For Android devices then a Google Play Services is a required.
  • User must have Intune licens assigned for sending notifications.

Lets start sending that massage!

  • Type in the massage that should be send out to the users.
  • Now assign the massage to a group of users that should received it:
  • Then click Next and Create. Now the message will be send and the devices should receive it within a couple of minutes:
  • This is how it looks on the Android mobile device when a massage is recived (with massage sound and everything):
  • And here from the portal itself:

Happy deployment.

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