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Custom Azure domain name canĀ“t be deleted (moved) because of local AD Users or Groups that remains in AAD from a broken or deleted local AD environment (sync).

Now and then servers, services, apps connectors breaks down and sometimes the easiest way to fix or work around a problem is using a powershell command. In this scenario I have Azure Tenant with a Custom domain name is applied and also have a Hybrid…

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How to automatically join Windows AutoPilot devices to On-Premises AD (Hybrid Azure AD Join)

This long awaited feature was introduced by Microsoft in okt. 2018 on Ignite. Now we can deploy a Windows 10 1809 or later via AutoPilot and automalically let that Windows 10 device make a on-prem domain join and then it transforms into a hybrid Azure…

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Azure Active directory – Is Login Hours possible? (cloud only)

The answer is “no”. If we talk cloud only there is no option available for enabling login hours as we knew it from the on-prem Active directory. Therefor corporations that have a cloud only wish and needs login hours restriction for their users or a…

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