Windows 10 will let you reinstall the OS from the cloud.

At last this feature is coming! – The “download before install” Windows 10 cloud feature is a old idea that already was leaked 3-5 years ago. We all know that Apple (MacOS) can use install from a cloud feature and they have done this for some years now. So us Microsoft geeks just embrace this new feature in the Windows world.

You won’t need a local copy (USB, MDT, SCCM etc.) to start a new installation of the Windows 10 on your device!. So basically cloud download feature gives users the options to reinstall Windows 10 if needed.

From the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18970 (20H1) its now possible to reinstall the Windows 10 directly from the cloud.

My environment:

  • Virtual environment Virtual box
  • Windows 10 OS 18970 (20H1)
  • Internet connection


This video shows how to reinstall Windows 10 directly from the cloud with no use of local media. Enjoy!

Or you can skip this video and continue to follow the blog post for text and picture examples.

  • Start the Windows 10 (20H1) device.
  • Click (Windows logo) start buttom and type Reset this PC:
  • Click Get started:
  • Choose an option (I will wipe everything- fresh install)
  • Choose Cloud download:

Note: remember to insure that the devices HDD/SDD have more then 4 GB of local storage available.

  • I what to clean the drive totally so i click change settings:
  • Select Clean data = YES and click comfirm:
  • Now click Next:
  • Check the reset options and if they are as you like then click Reset:
  • Click cancel if needed or just wait now.

Note: This can take a long time and after this sequence a normal install method will show up – just follow that and you have a reinstalled device. If you what to join the device to Azure AD select that option when Windows ask about joined a organisation or use the device for private matters.

Happy deployment.

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